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These are programs developed by me during the course of my research work. Please see my publications for the details of the algorithms

Contig Automater

Do you have many partitions in your hard disk? Then you must have got tired of defragging them one by one. Here is a program which automates the process, and optionally shuts down the system after defragging. Download (31 kB) from and extract to a folder. Download this program (Zip file containing executable, 183kB)and extract to the same folder. And run Contig Automater. (Added 11 Feb 2006)

PGN Comment Remover

Do you want to remove all comments from a PGN file? Like the time stamp data from the PGN files generated by the ICCF webserver? But you don't want to use the DOS Command Line? Here is a compiled autohotkey script which does the job. Download (Zip file containing executable, 183kB), extract, and run. Warning: Big files may take a long time! (Added 21 Apr 2006)

Drive Space

Do you have many partitions for your hard drive? And you want to check which partition has more space? Here is another compiled autohotkey script which will produce a bar chart of the various partitions in your hard disk, Download (Zip file containing executable, 179kB), extract, and run. During the first run, the settings for bar length are asked and stored in DriveSpace.ini in the same directory. (Added 29 Nov 2009)

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