Format of Synopsis for Projects (In max 2 pages)

  1. Introduction (In quarter to three quarter page): Why did you do this? Give necessary background information. For theoretical work, include a brief literature review, and give one or two key references which may be listed at the end of the synopsis. Provide a clear rationale for your work. State the objective: the product or software to be developed or hypothesis or concept to be tested.

  2. Work done (In half to one page): What did you do? Did you develop a theory, product or software? If so describe what was developed. Did you carry out an experiment (even a simulation)? Provide an overview of the approach, test facilities, validations, range of measurements.

  3. Results (In quarter to half page): What did you find? Present the results of your work and compare with the original objectives. Did the product / software work satisfactorily? Was the theoretical model proved correct on testing? Were the experimental results satisfactory?