Introduction: The Operations Function - Historical developments, Operations decisions, Goods vs Services. Operations strategy - Model, Objectives. Product Design - New product development process, Quality Function Deployment, Value analysis. (6 hours)

Quality Management and Control: Dimensions of quality, Organisation for quality, Quality systems, ISO9000 model. Statistical Quality Control: Acceptance sampling, Control chart basics, Quality Improvement tools. (8 hours)

Process design: Process Selection - Line, Intermittent and project Flow, Product Process Strategy. Process Flow Analysis - Flow charting, Materials Flow and Information flow. Facilities Layout - Intermittent, Line and Project. (6 hours)

Capacity Planning and Scheduling: Forecasting - Qualitative methods, Time-series. Facilities Decisions - Capacity decisions, Facility Location problems. Aggregate planning. Scheduling - Line and Intermittent processes, Loading, Sequencing, Dispatching rules. Project planning - Networks (8 hours)

Inventory Management: Purpose of inventories, cost structures, independent vs dependent demand, Economic Order Quantity, Inventory Control Systems, Introduction to MRP and JIT. (6 hours)

Workforce Management: Principles, Job Design, Performance Measurement and Improvement - Productivity, Benchmarking, Work sampling, Incentive programs. (6 hours)

Text Book: Schroeder, Roger, G., "Operations Management - Decision Making in the Operations Function", Fourth edition, McGraw - Hill Inc, New York, 1993.

Reference: Krajewski, Lee, J., and Ritzman, Larry, P., "Operations Management - Strategy and Analysis", Sixth edition, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2002.