Programme - Simple Statistical Tools for Improvement

Time 28 Sept 2004 29 Sept 2004 30 Sept 2004
9:00~10:00 Registration & Inauguration Studying process variation - Histograms Exploring relationships - Scatter diagram
10:00~10:15 TEA TEA TEA
10:15~11:15 How to improve, the DOMAICSA process Process Capability Indices / Tutorial Introducing Design of Experiments
11:15~12:15 Checking for control - Basics of control charts Prioritizing causes - The Pareto diagram Introduction to Six Sigma
13:30~14:30 Illustrating process control - The bead experiment and the proportion non-conforming chart Identifying causes of variation - The Cause and Effect Diagram Six Sigma contd
14:30~14:45 TEA TEA TEA
14:45~15:45 Checking for control The Average Range chart Collecting and analysing data - Checksheets Catapult experiment, Demonstration of statistical software
15:45~16:45 The problem of excessive corrective action - The funnel experiment Stratification / Tutorial Conclusion, Case study