Module I: (10 Hours)

Introduction, Definitions, Dimensions of Quality, Total Quality Management, Leadership, Deming's principles, Vision, Mission and Quality Policy, Customer identification, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Complaints, Employee Involvement - Team Development, Suggestion Schemes, Supplier Partnership

Module II: (10 Hours)

Continuous Process Improvement - PDSA Cycle, Seven Step Process, Kaizen, Six Sigma; Quality Measurement- Quality Costs, Quality awards; Quality Function Deployment; Quality Systems - ISO9000 - Requirements, Documentation, Certification, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Total Preventive Maintenance, Taguchi methods - Loss function, Parameter Design and Tolerance Design concepts

Module III: (9 Hours)

Simple graphical tools - Stem and leaf plot, Box plot, Normal Probability Plot, Comparing two processes - two sample t and paired t test, Factorial Experiments, Yates algorithm, Unreplicated factorials, Testing significance - pooled variance method, Modelling experimental results, Residual analysis, ANOVA

Module IV: (10 Hours)

Introduction to the concept of Control, Control charts for attributes - number nonconforming, fraction nonconforming, number of conconformities, fraction of nonconformities, Control chart for variables - Average Range chart, Average Standard deviation chart. Acceptance sampling - Introduction, OC Curves, Single sampling, Rectifying Inspection, Double and sequential sampling. Reliability - Introduction, Exponential model, System Reliability - Series, Parallel, Standby; Design for Reliability, Reliability Testing

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