4th Sem PE

Syllabus: Metrology and Computer Aided Inspection

(3 Hours Lecture/week): 3 credits

Module I: (10 Hours)

Measurement fundamentals: Measurement system elements, Temperature, Pressure and Strain measurements, Experimental Test Plan- Random Tests, Replication & repetition, Calibration - Sensitivity, Range, Accuracy, Standards, Traceability. Regression analysis, Data outlier detection. (Ref: 1)

Module II: (8 Hours)

Uncertainty analysis- Type A and Type B, Determining combined standard uncertainty- Uncorrelated and correlated input quantities, reporting, conformity. (Ref: 2)

Module III: (10 Hours)

Metrology: Interferometry, Slip gauges, Comparators, Abbe’s principle, Pneumatic transducer, Electronic transducers, Angle measurement- Sine bar, angle gauges Optical instruments- Profile projectors, Autocollimators. Surface finish- Parameters, Stylus instruments. (Ref:3)

Module IV: (11 Hours)

Gauge design and tolerancing, Inspection of geometric tolerances and true position tolerances. (Ref:4) Screw thread measurements - Three wire method calculations, Gear measurements- Tooth vernier, Base tangent, measurement over pins, profile checking. (Ref:5) Coordinate Measuring Machines- Construction, Operation & Programming, Software, Applications. (Ref:6) Machine Vision: Sensing, Preprocessing, Segmentation, Description, Recognition and Interpretation. (Ref:7)


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